Wooded Office Sites

Milbranch Office Park is nestled in a wooded, landscaped setting that provides a relaxed working environment. And yet Milbranch is located in the heart of the growth area of the Hattiesburg market.  Milbranch is only a block south of U.S. Highway 98 and just a few blocks west of I-59.  This location is not only convenient to most business areas of the market, but also to the growing residential communities of West Hattiesburg.

“The setting is beautiful.  We’ve left all the trees.  People stop me all the time and tell me how much they enjoy working at Milbranch Office Park.”
     Russell Roberts
     R.D. Roberts Properties
     Developer of Milbranch Office Park

“It’s very convenient.  We had been on 40th Avenue and Downtown before that.  And we have found this is very well suited for our needs.” 
     Jack Pittman
     Pittman, Howdeshell, Hinton & Hightower, PLLC
     Attorneys At Law

“It's a great place to come to work every day. I can’t imagine a better place to be.”
     Dr. Rebecca Boyd
     Forward Health Solutions, PLLC

Milbranch offers a wide choice in office space.  For two or three person offices, Milbranch offers 700 sq. ft. “cottages.”  Larger buildings range up to several thousand square feet.  Developer Russell Roberts is available to design and build for clients who choose ownership at Milbranch.

“When I looked around for new space, one of the things that impressed me was Russell Roberts’ vision for The Park and how he wanted professional tenants.  I know from speaking to other tenants that he’s here almost every day, and if he’s not…he’s very close by.”
     Tim Farris
     The Law Office of
     Timothy M. Farris, PLLC